About Us

A welcoming hello!

My name is Denise and I grew up watching my mom create patterns, sew, and sell her unique designs to women all over Toronto. I remember travelling throughout the city to various art shows, exhibits and exploring new artistic mediums.

I started Ms. Meri Mak because I felt the need to connect the two things that move me the most - art and fashion. Ms. Meri Mak grants me the opportunity to fulfill my artistic dreams and passions, while connecting with other creative people to bring out beautiful, inspired pieces and to hand-select timeless, sustainable ready-to-wear clothing.

I constantly look for the right balance between art, fashion, and design. My focus is not on creating mass-produced fashion, but rather on curating pieces that you will want to keep for a lifetime.

One of the most wonderful things about collaborating with artists is the opportunity to present to you all the beautiful things they bring to life. I look forward to the endless possibilities this journey can create.