Denise Mansur’s Collections Seamlessly Blend Art, Fashion & Self-Expression

Denise Mansur’s Collections Seamlessly Blend Art, Fashion & Self-Expression

Amidst the constantly rotating seasonal trends, the eternal bond between art and fashion still reigns supreme. For Denise Mansur, having her own artful maze where fashion and self-expression collide has always been one of her biggest aspirations.


The Founder and Owner of Ms. Meri Mak has made it her mission to create an e-home for her Gordon Street Unit 105 Guelph, Canada boutique where artistically-inclined fashion staples are accessible to everyone. Along with every fellow woman who is constantly fuelled by creativity, Mansur has resonated with the core relationship between fashion and art; a sort of fragility and strength,  a shared inducement for self-expression that may often lead to a mutual desire for human connection.

Denise Mansur’s inspiration behind  Ms. Meri Mak 


Just like in art, Denise Mansur’s biggest passion, fashion can utilize styles, materials, colours and shapes to express different emotions. After becoming a mother, her sense of style was even more pronounced.  Mansur perceives fashion as a  figure out who she is. Through bold, unapologetic fabrics and a plethora of chic, all-year-round staples, she conducts her sartorial experiments that are able to affect moods, attitude, and confidence. She quickly created an outlet to channel into it all her love for art and fashion and turn it into a profession.

 The clothing lines Denise has curated for the Ms. Meri Mak brand are a vivid reminder of her aesthetic and visual language. Ms. Meri Mak’s catalog burst with over 30 pieces and accessories ranging from nights out, to office wear to going to a Sunday market. The ultimate blend of mood-enhancing colours, figure-flattering silhouettes, and comfortable fabrics drenched in rampant optimism inspired by artistic visions of the better days that are about to come.


Ms. Meri Mak’s artful fashion collections


You can browse through a plethora of all-around tapestry cardigans soaked in vivid hues of red and calming greens as well as otherworldly luxurious silk scarfs and robes that overflow with versatility, timeless, and artist designed motifs. Her wear-me-anywhere Parisian pieces pay tribute to the effortlessly chic simplicity and comfort of French fashion.


Denise Mansur has partnered with irreverent artisans to create a collection of accessory must-haves for every virtuoso woman to enjoy. Employing a perfect balance of asymmetry and cutting-edge silhouettes, Ms. Meri Mak’s handmade jewelry collection is soaked in unique creative touches. By offering a creative outlet for women artisans who explore and experiment with different techniques, Mansur has set her mind to empower and uplift one another through the beauty of art and fashion.


Refreshing yet polished pieces that run the gamut from trousers, leggings, and skirts to dresses, rompers, and jumpers will adhere to every ensemble. While Ms. Meri Mak’s women's blouses and shirts will help us embrace our feminine, whimsy side.


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